Problems during your flight?

Know your rights as an air passenger

Write down all of the details concerning your flight incident and ask for a written statement from the airline.

Save all documents, tickets, boarding passes and other related documents.

Be careful with accepting vouchers. These are often difficult to exchange and have a limited validity. They may also limit your right to compensation.

Ask your travel agent for help upon return. Above all, always remain calm and try to enjoy your journey.

EU Complaint Form

The European Union has published a universal form that can be used for filing complaints in relation to Regulation 261/2004 (air passenger rights). This form must be accepted under European law by all airlines and all European Enforcement Bodies.

How does it work?

By clicking on the button below, you can find out whether you are entitled to financial compensation. This advice is given free of charge. After you get the advice you can decide if you want to file a claim using the EU Complaint Form, or if you want to file a claim with a professional claims company.

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