Problems during your flight?

Know your rights as an air passenger

Write down all of the details concerning your flight incident and ask for a written statement from the airline.

Save all documents, tickets, boarding passes and other related documents.

Be careful with accepting vouchers. These are often difficult to exchange and have a limited validity. They may also limit your right to compensation.

Ask your travel agent for help upon return. Above all, always remain calm and try to enjoy your journey.

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Air Passenger Rights

Since the ratification in February 2004, air passenger rights have been protected by EC Regulation 261/2004. This regulation protects passengers when they are denied boarding, and when their flight is cancelled or delayed. The Regulation also determines the level of compensation to be paid in different situations and defines a passenger’s right to care.

As it has turned out, many people flying today are unaware of their rights. When incidents occur that delay, cancel or deny passengers to board a flight, airlines are obligated to inform passengers. In reality this hardly ever occurs.

This website is an initiative of EUclaim as a way of informing passengers about their rights.

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